Friday, April 27, 2012

Spend some wonderful time in New Zealand, the “Adventure Travel Capital of the World”

While chalking out the plan of our foreign trip names of some common exotic destinations that flash in our minds are that of the three major continents of the world, namely Europe, USA and Australia. What about the other places beyond these three continents?? For example have you ever considered New Zealand as your next holidaying location? Guess not. Discover the beauties of New Zealand, the island country situated near Australia during this coming vacation. New Zealand is a beautiful country with vibrant divergence. Mountains, even volcanoes, blue azure sky, vast seas and oceans and glaciers portray the canvas of the “Land of Kiwis”. The sparsely populated country is particularly suited for nature lovers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. This island country with two major landmasses, north and south along with many small islands are located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The North and South islands are separated from each other by Cook Strait. New Zealand being the island country is surrounded by Pacific Ocean and Tasman Sea. Not only diversified landforms but the country is also a diversified hub of various cultures with both their native and immigrant population. New Zealand is the abode of various types of animal species and natural vegetation. You may explore the various landforms of New Zealand or may travel through the important cities, popular tourist spots or may give a try to various kinds of adventure outdoor sports.

Auckland offers outstanding cuisine, fabulous accommodations and enchanting scenic beauty. It is place of volcanoes with the famous Auckland Volcanic Field, which has produced almost 50 volcanoes. These take the form of cones, lakes, lagoons, islands and depressions, and several have produced extensive lava flows. Apart from this, the lush green fields, towering peaks, mud springs and huge glaciers are always ready to beckon you. Auckland is the main attraction of the North Island of the country. The North Island is usually warmer during the summers and milder rest of the year round. And though Auckland has a warm temperate climate, the weather of New Zealand is quite unpredictable. This is the largest urban area of New Zealand and the most populous area of the country. Some of the most important spots of Auckland include Auckland War Memorial Museum, New Zealand National Maritime, Sky Tower, Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland Zoo and many others.

Another popular travel spot of New Zealand is Rotorua. It is nestled beside the lake having the same name. The township of Rotorua is home to one of the most unique tourism sites in the world. Rotorua is a geothermal paradise and the cultural heartland. Besides the breathtaking scenic beauty of the volcanic wonderland, it is the land of 17 beautiful lakes. Various water activities are widely popular during summer days. Located on a volcanic plateau, which covers much of the Central North Island, Rotorua sits on an area that has been geologically exciting for millennia. Stroll through the streets of Rotorua, voted New Zealand's most beautiful city six times, and instantly feel like you have entered another world. Many botanical gardens are also found here. Rotorua is a place of historical significance and bears the proof to this fact.

Next comes the turn of Queenstown. It is a resort town in Otago in the South Island. It is the ultimate destination of maximum number of international tourists. It is a great place to visit round the year. Most ideal and desirable spot of all the adventure sports lovers. QueenstowWhile chalking out the plan of our foreign trip names of some common exotic destinations that flash in our minds are that ofn provides a panoramic view of the Milford Sound, which is a fjord within Fiordland National Park.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Have a wonderful experience in Sikkim, the most popular hill station of northeastern India

India is a diversified country. With a wide divergence of landforms India is bounded by the majestic Himalayas in the north and vast stretches of seas on the other three sides of the country. Travelling across India will enrich your travelling experience. Deserts, plateaus, mountains, plains, coastal areas-all are stuffed within the dimensions of India. Mainly the northern parts of India have a cooler climate than the rest of India. Rest of India experiences long months of summer. Most of the inhabitants of the hotter parts of India prefer to visit hill stations to avoid the scorching heat of the sun and enjoy the cool atmosphere. Sikkim, the second smallest state of India after Goa, is a small mountainous state which is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Sikkim is a landlocked country as it is surrounded by countries like Nepal, Bhutan and China. It is located on the top of West Bengal. With the pleasant view of Himalayas and beautiful serene ambience and also because of its heritage and culture this small state has been the centre of tourist attraction for more than decades now. For mountain lovers Sikkim provides the grand view of Kangchenjunga, the third highest Himalayan mountain peak that is situated in the border of Sikkim with Nepal. This state first came into existence from 1975. It is the only state in India with ethnic Nepali majority. Dominant religions of the state are Hinduism and Buddhism. Economy of Sikkim is mainly based on travel and tourism. Sikkim can be considered as a biodiversity hub as it is located in the lap of ecological hotspot, The Himalayas. A wide diversified flora and fauna species add enhances the glamour and attraction of Sikkim to a greater extent.

Gangtok, the capital city, is the largest town of Sikkim. Sitting in the lap of the Shiwalik Hills of the eastern Himalayas, Gangtok lies at an altitude of 1437m. Gangtok can also be described as the land of monasteries which has gained mass popularity and has turned out to be Sikkim’s centre of attraction for the travellers. Gangtok gained religious significance among the Buddhists after the construction of the Enchey Monastery in the latter part of the 19th century. The city is full of monasteries, stupas, gumphas, parks, gardens and lakes. Gangtok is renowned for its delicacies. Sikkimese cuisine is the incorporated delicacy of Tibetan, Nepalese and Indian cuisine. You can taste the Sikkimese exquisiteness like glass noodles, yak cheese and many others along with momos being the common option. Major attractions of Gangtok comprises of many preferences. You can also travel from Gangtok to all the other attractions of Sikkim as Gangtok being the most well communicated centre. Among monasteries in Sikkim Rumtek, Pemayangste deserves special mention. Rumtek monastery is the seat of the Karmapa Lama who heads the Kagyupa Sect of Buddhism. Pemayangste monastery was originally constructed as a temple but later it was reconstructed as a monastery. Enchey Monastery, the chief among all the monasteries is two hundred years old and the main attraction of Gangtok. Dodrupchen Monastery is also yet another important monastery of Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism famous for its large chorten or stupa that is best known as the Buddhist place of worship. Changu Lake is synonymous with Gangtok and is widely recognised among the tourists. This is a glacial lake in the East Sikkim nearby the great Nathu La pass. Other attractions of Sikkim include Deer Park, Namgyal Institute of Tibetology, Khecheopalri Lake, Nathu La Pass. Khecheopalri Lake is considered to be one of the most sacred lake both by the Buddhists and the Hindus. Nathula Pass is at an altitude of 14,200 ft. bordering India and China. Sikkim is a heaven for the trekkers, rock-climbers. is offering you all splendid Sikkim tour packages. Just go to our site and check the package details. We are offering you well organised trips so that you can visit all the chief attractions of Sikkim. Moreover Kalimpong, Darjeeling are also included in our package. So your vacation is going to be marvelous one in the midst of the majestic Himalayas faraway from the heat of the sun. is the link specified for Sikkim. It is your key access through which you can reach Sikkim without any worries and hazards of booking, transportation. Sikkim is waiting for you all. So hurry up!! Amidst the grandeur of the mountain peaks, lush valleys, fast flowing rivers Sikkim offers visitors a rare experience.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Enjoy your visit to the Paradise of Tourists and explore the sun kissed beaches of Goa

Sun bathed beaches, stretches of sand, sea breeze thrashing on your faces. Delicious cuisine and tastes of some exquisite liquor defines Goa, the smallest state of India. It is located along the Konkan coast of India. Goa is surrounded by Maharashtra in the north, Karnataka in the east and the south and the Arabian Sea to the west. Goa is the most ideal tourist destination in India that has the potential of attracting hundreds and even thousands of tourists throughout the year. Stunning beaches, extraordinary scenic beauty, temples, churches famous for its architecture are eagerly waiting to welcome its visitors. Flanked by the mighty Western Ghats which is a biodiversity hotspot, this place has a varied species of flora and fauna. Other than the beaches Goa is well acclaimed for its world heritage architecture. It is also well-known for the Basilica of Bom Jesus in Old Goa, which is one of the biggest Christian pilgrimage sites in Asia. History of Goa narrates the story of Portuguese colonization. In 15th century Portuguese colonizers occupied Goa and established a permanent settlement in Old Goa that continued for some hundred years.

Goa is better known as the “Pearl of the Orient” and “The Rome of East”. Take a deep breathe inhaling the fresh sea breeze that will refresh your mind completely freeing it from all the daily hustle and the worries. Goa is the most appropriate selection for a brief period intermission. A fun filled vacation in Goa in midst of your busy work schedule is the best thing you can think of. Hundreds and thousands of foreigners flocking in the Goa beaches and the crazy beach parties accompanied with Goan delicacy will make give you an exotic feeling. It is a multifaceted place in the crown of Incredible India.

Panaji, usually known as Panjim in English, is the capital city of the most happening state of India that is the hotspot of maximum number of international travellers. Panaji flaunts buildings with red-tiled roofs built in a Latin style. Panaji is the central tourist destination of Goa as it offers many historical attractions other than the beaches. Panaji has Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary where you can see varied types of birds. Two of the most famous beaches of Goa are located here namely Dona Paula and Miramar beach.

Dona Paulo, the most sought beach of Goa is the meeting point of Zuari and Mandov rivers. Most silent and serene village of the past days has turned into the most hyped commercial tourist spot. Dona Paulo is better known as the “Lover’s Paradise”. The story involving the place narrates the tragic love story of Dona Paulo who committed suicide from this place unable to marry her lover, a local fisherman. This mystic place is till date offering homage to the memories of Dona Paulo by its serene natural aesthetics. If you are a water sports freak then try out water-skiing, motorboat riding, snorkeling, karaying and many other adventurous water sports options. Miramar beach is another most popular beach that always remains crowded with international and national visitors.

Though beaches are the prime attractions of Goa there are also many other interesting spots. National Parks and sanctuaries will form a major category of attraction displaying the wide range of varied species of animals and birds. Some of the worth mentioning wildlife reservatories include Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary, Molem National Park, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary. Some of the most famous beaches other than Dona Paulo and Miramar beach are Baga Beach, Anjuna, Palolem, Colva beach. Sun-soaked golden beaches surrounded by abundant water and lush green coconut and palm trees are tourists’ heaven of India.

Goa is also marked well with religious diversities. Christianity and Hinduism exist here side by side. Make a journey of all these holy temples and churches. The churches bear the traits of sixteenth and seventeenth century constructions. Most famous churches of Goa include St Francis Assisi, Se Cathedral, Chapel of St Sebastian, and The Rachael Seminary. Among Hindu shrines Shri Bhagwati temple, Nav Durga temple, Rudreshwar temple, Brahma temple, Mangesh temple deserves special mention. Goa has an enriched folk culture with a delightful blend of Konkani folks along with Portuguese music and dance. Enjoy Goanese folk song and dance while sitting in the beaches under the star-studded night sky. Shopping is a mandatory part of travelling. We always believe in the “shop till you drop” concept. So you may buy the handicrafts of Goa, and works like Bamboo work, shell work forming the chief constituent of the handicrafts. has in its account many lucrative Goa packages that are worthy of cost offers. Our site will provide you with best services and facilities and your trip to the “Paradise of the Orient” will always occupy a special coveted position in your travelogue. is the link where you can check out all the packages. With at your service your vacation is going to be the most memorable one and you need not to care about a single thing other than booking your desired package.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Make your trip to Thailand most memorable by exploring its historical evidences and also the most happening spots of the country specially the fun filled beaches

Are you eager for a foreign trip? Unable to do so because of your tight budget? is here to lessen your worries and fulfill your wishes. Visiting foreign lands never means that you have to go for a continental trip only like Europe or America. Explore your very own continent. India is the part of Asia, the largest continent in the world. Asia is a widely diversified continent. It is an abode of different cultures and heritage. Begin your exploration to Asia with Thailand, better known as the “Land Of White Elephants”. Thailand previously known as Siam has recently turned into the most familiar travel destination. Among all the Asian tourist spots Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya has gained prominence because of its rich heritage, beauty and architectural patterns. Thailand has strong historical importance. It has gained prominence as a Buddhist seat. Even today also the national religion of Thailand is Buddhism. Thai culture has incorporated influences of many other neighbouring cultures. The Thais call their country "Prathet Thai," which can be translated as "Land of the Free." Thailand is situated in the southeastern part of Asia. Thailand is surrounded by Laos, Vietnam, Burma and Myanmar. Thailand is also referred sometimes as the “land of smiles” because here you can see maximum number of smiling faces compared to the other parts of the world. It may seem to you that everyone is welcoming you with broad warm smiles. Let’s navigate the major tourist spots of Thailand.

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand deserves special mention. It is the largest city of Thailand and the most populous one. Busy streets, bustling markets, shimmering skyscrapers and a grand spread of temples defines Bangkok. Bangkok offers endless delights to its visitors. Many splendid Buddhist temples are dispersed throughout the city. And this is no surprising fact as Buddhism is the chief religion. With glorious past and monarchial rule the city has excelled itself in the modernization processing. The stunning destination has gained lots of fame as a self-governed, lively and influential city. Bangkok will retain you in this city for a long time as it has lots of attractions. A vast splendor of palaces, temples, museums, theatres and shopping malls include the list. The Grand Palace, king’s official residence is the prime attraction. The Grand Palace is the house of the monarchs for the past few hundred years. Though the city has turned trendy and modern still the glimpses of the palatial architecture like Grand Palace, Wat Arun, Vimanmek Palace Complex has retained city’s historical significance. Chitralada Palace, a modernized palatial venture is the actual Bangkok residence of the reigning king. Apart from the palaces other attractions are National Gallery Museum, Jim Thompson Museum, Chaloem Krung Royal Theatre. Bangkok is also known for its exciting nightlife that will make your nights in capital city all the more happening.

Phuket, the largest island of Thailand is located in the southern part of the country. Known for its beautiful gorgeous beaches and natural anesthetic this island is a paradise for the honeymoon couples. Phuket is a mandatory destination for all the Thailand visitors. It is one of the world’s dream destinations. The sandy coastline boasts of tons of water sports and is well decorated with resorts and restaurants. Phuket has something to satisfy the appetite of every visitor. Phuket has a hot and humid climate all the year round. Do you want to make your Thailand trip adventurous?? Then try out the various water sports options available in Phuket. You are going to have the amazing, most wonderful experience while trying out free-diving, snorkeling, diving, sailing and yachting. Diversified destinations of this island comprises of Fishing World, Aquarium, Waterfalls, Chalong Temple.

Chiang Mai is situated in the Northern Thailand. It has gained immense cultural importance. This is an out and out modern day city bearing great historical significances. It is the keystone of your Thailand trip. Chiang Mai has added up many feathers under its cap with its cultural delicacy, fantastic handicraft shopping, peacefulness and proximity to natural abundance. More than 300 Buddhist temples are scattered throughout the province. Some of the most mention worthy temples includes Wat Prathat Doi Suithep, Wat Chiang Man, Wat Chedi Luang, Phuping Palace and National Park. Wat Prathat Doi Suithep is the most famous temple of Thailand that gives a spectacular overview of the entire city. Your brief halt in Chiang Mai is going to fly off smoothly and you will feel to stay back in this important city for few more days.

Pattaya, a splendid tourist attraction of Thailand offers you a wide range of entertainment options. The charming beach city is located in the east coast of Gulf Of Thailand and has been successful in attracting innumerable travellers from all over the world. The beaches forming the core of attraction force, this city has many more allurements for its visitors. Fun filled beach activities make Pattaya the most ideal holidaying spot. Some inexpensive yet highly enjoyable activities in Pattaya are water-skis, elephant rides, horse riding and many others. Certain important places of interests are Mini Siam and Mini Europe, Phra Tamnak, Crocodile farm. Make your holiday more exciting by strolling through the beaches of Pattaya.

Hopefully by now you have taken your final decision and have decided to make a trip to the “Land of White Elephants” in this vacation. Trust me this is going to be your most memorable vacation and you feel like visiting Thailand again and again. Have a nice cozy time with your family and dear ones. To check out the further details about the packages offered to you by our site go through this attached link Be ready to board on the flight to Thailand.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

“Land of Kangaroos” welcomes you with its splendid beauty and iconic architecture

Exploring foreign lands is always an exciting experience. If you are planning to make your vacation all the more memorable then abroad trip is a brilliant option. We travel to open our hearts and free our minds and souls. Traveling expands our boundaries of knowledge and we can intermingle with different cultures, customs, traditions and heritage of the lands beyond India. Crossing the boundaries of your motherland and traveling to the faraway lands will give you a thrilling experience. While wandering through the completely unknown streets of a different country and listening to foreign conversations you will feel that you have been transported to an entire different world. Foreign destinations always intrigue our curiosities. When comes the point of selecting the foreign spots one may get confused as there are so many options in hand. Are you in a fix for choosing your abroad location?? Let us help you. What about making a trip to a different continent? What about dining the finest cuisines in the famous restaurants of the bustling city of Melbourne?? And how will you feel while enjoying the sea breeze and the beauty of the vast expanses of seas sitting in the great beaches of Sydney?? Hopefully by now all of you have understood my point. Still if you have failed to guess the answer then let me give you another clue. What about visiting the land full of kangaroos?? Yes you are right I am talking about “AUSTRALIA”. With the awesome climate, stunning beaches, huge extended coral barrier reef, deserts and unique wildlife features Australia is bound to occupy the topmost position of your priority list. Australia welcomes its visitors with wide range of varieties. Australia strikes the right chord with its highly urbanized cities like Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney. The best thing about Australia is that no matter how meager your budget is this land has something or the other to offer every visitor.

When comes the turn of leading cities of the continent, Sydney and Melbourne deserve special mention. Sydney is the most populous city in Australia along the south-east coast. With the mention of the name Sydney, the picture of the iconic Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge are bound to flash in your eyes. Sydney Opera House is such an architectural structure that has become almost synonymous with Australia. Anybody can identify Australia by the photos of Opera house, kangaroos and the Great Barrier Reef. Sydney is the oldest cosmopolitan harbour city renowned all over the world for its culture, cuisine, and obviously for the beaches. The city is bounded by nature and National Parks. Sydney Harbour is the city’s prime attraction as this steel masterpiece is largest and widest long span bridge in the world. The most amazing fact about the bridge is that everyday almost hundreds and thousands of visitors climb to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you want to catch the glimpse of the spectacular view of the city you too may try out!! You may also go for a safari to the Royal National Park. Sydney thus lives up the reputation as one of the most livable cities in the world.

Melbourne is yet another major city of Australia. A primary tourist location that draws in thousands of tourists from all across the world. While strolling across the busy and bustling streets of the city you can feel the nerve of the city. Few snaps and certain views are not enough to touch the soul of this city. To relish this you must not miss the chance of visiting Melbourne while traveling Australia. The second most populous city of Australia is located on a large natural bay known as Port Philips. Melbourne, better known as “the cultural capital of Australia” can be best described as the cultural and the artistic hub. The city is the host of various cultural events like contemporary art fairs, ballad, opera, theatre, international film festivals and many others. More than 100 art galleries highlight that this city is the den of art lovers and the artists. But it doesn’t imply the fact that this city is only for the intellectuals. With an artistic core this city is a hotspot destination for all travelers. There are also certain other special things that has bring the city in fame. Certain famous spots of Melbourne include Federation Square, Melbourne Cricket Ground, museums and art galleries and other historical places of interests.

Like Melbourne Gold Coast is also said to be the “tourist capital of Australia”. Looking for the vast stretches of sand and sparkling sea waves and sun bathed sea beaches, then Gold Coast is calling you. Gold Coast is a heavenly destination for the professional surfers. It is a coastal city situated in the state of Queensland not much far away from Brisbane. Origin of the name is still doubtful. It is immensely popular coastal tourist spot in Australia. Away from the regular bustles of the city life Gold Coast is the best refuse of the holi-dayers. Immerse yourself to the serene beauty of the nature and refresh yourself by enjoying the beach activities in the “Surfers Paradise”. Theme parks are the main centre of attraction of Gold Coast. You can explore in the depth of the seas by visiting the Sea World or may rejuvenate your childhood trance by visiting the Warner Brothers Movie World or may have splash bluster in the Wet and Wild world. has many lucrative Australia packages in its kitty in an affordable price range. Interested travelers must pay a visit to this site to go through all the packages. Make your first international trip experience a memorable one. is your desired links where you can have all the details information. Let Australia be the first entrant of your International travelogue.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Feel and observe the charming beauty of the nature in the midst of “God’s Own Country”, Kerala

Kerala, best described as the “God’s own country” is best known for the backwaters, greenery and for the awesome scenic beauty. It is simply like a piece of heaven sculptured on the Earth’s face. It is one of the ten paradises in the world. Kerala’s landscape will bring in your view the picture of coconut, palm trees bordering the coastline. Red tiled houses, the lakes and beaches and specially backwater are bound to cast a spell on the travellers who visits this heavenly land. Once you visit Kerala you are bound to live with an everlasting impression. Many colourful festivals, varied dance forms, forests, hills-all are well packaged within the boundary of the same state. Kerala has now topped the priority list of the much popularised tourist spots. It is a culturally rich heritage destination. Kerala is a narrow strip of land that is located in the Malabar coast of south-western part of India. Located in between the Western Ghats on the east and the Arabian Sea on the west this land offers you best glimpses of nature. Tired of your daily work routine?? Make your mind and soul free of the regular burdens of worries and anxieties and take a deep breathe inhaling the fresh salty air of the sparkling seas and the wild aroma of the virgin forests. Wherever you turn your head, lush greenery will welcome you and will soothe your tired eyes. You will feel yourself completely refreshed and rejuvenated in the lap of the nature.

Malayalam is the dominant language of the state. It is bordered by the Karanataka and Tamilnadu in its three sides. Thiruvananthapuram is the capital of the state and the largest city. It is the major spice trading centre of India from time immemorial. Still it has equal importance as a spice producing state. It has a glorious historical past that dates back to thousands of years back. It has been ruled by many noteworthy dynasties of Indian history like the Cheras, Rashtrakutas, Pandyas, Cholas. It has also experienced colonial invasions. Resuming back to the present status of the state we can say hat it has retained its importance in the same manner as in the past. Now as a travel destination the important “must visit” places include Munnar, Thekkady, Kumarakom and others. Munnar is a beautiful hill station located at the confluence of three mountain streams at an elevation of 1600m. A prime tourist attraction spot that is well decorated with vast expanses of tea plantation, rivulets, waterfalls. Some of the captivating destinations from Munnar are Eravikulam National Park, Anamudi peak.


Now let’s proceed to Thekkady. India’s largest wildlife sanctuary is Thekkady. It is the dream destination as you can imagine of. Periyar National Park, the central attraction of Kerala is situated here. This Sanctuary is famous for its dense cover of the thick evergreen forests. A splendid artificial lake increases the charm of the place. It is the abode of elephants, tigers, gaurs and many othe animals. Trip to the National Park will give you a new type of thrilling experience. Kumarakom, another popular tourist destination is located near the city of Kottayam anad is famous for its backwater tourism. Backwaters are an interconnected chain of lakes, lagoons, canals lying parallel to the Arabian Sea. They form a unique ecosystem with varied flora and fauna. In the backdrop of Vembanad Kayal, the largest freshwater lake in the state of Kerala, Kumarakom has a Bird Sanctuary. Other than Kashmir, this is yet another tourist spot in India where you can experience the thrill of spending your nights in houseboats. The Vembanad Lake is the dwelling place of many marine as well as freshwater species.


Kovalam beach is another major attraction. It draws in lots of national as well as international tourists every year. It is a popular beach in Thiruvananthapuram city on the Arabian Sea. It is famous for its scenic beauty and serenity. The fresh ambience of this tiny beach has turned it into the most attractive beach and has becomemost developed in the past few years. Now this beach is referred as “the Paradise of the South”. is offering you various lucrative offers that will make your Kerala trip absolutely hassle free and luxurious one and obviously the most remarkable one. You will be regretting later if now you miss this grand chance of visiting this wonderland which isn’t much faraway from your place. Go through all type packages minutely so that you can select the most ideal deal for you and your family. is your desired destination. Visit the link and choose the right package and have a nice time with your family in the midst of nature.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Visit Rajasthan, “Land of the Palaces” and recapitulate the glorious past of the Rajputs

What comes to your mind when you hear about Rajasthan?? Of course vast stretches of sand, camels, palaces, forts and heroic gallantry stories of the Rajputs. Rajasthan can be best described as the “Land of the Palaces”. The Great Indian Desert or the Thar desert lies in Rajasthan. When we try to imagine the scene of a desert the common picture that flashes in our mind is of exhausted travelers lost their way amidst the oceans of sand trying hard to find a drop of water to quench his thirst and hallucinating mirage in the vast stretches of sand bed. The only mode of communication being the “Ship of the Desert” that is camels. So to take a glimpse of the desert and experience the desert lifestyle you need not to travel much far away from your home. Varied topography of great Indian subcontinent is thus a bless for us. Varied landforms are available within the boundaries of India only. RAJASTHAN has an enriched heritage and is the most vibrant state of India. At present Rajasthan is the largest state of India located in the northwestern border of India. One of the oldest residual mountain block Aravalli Hills is located here. This state has hills, desert, palaces, forests- an ideal dream destination for travelers. Thus it has earned national as well as international acclamation.


Now let’s explore the nooks and corners of Rajasthan so even if you are unaware about the rich heritage and past glories of this state then also it won’t be a problem for you to select the spots. A brief review of the history of Rajasthan is necessary to understand the present status of the state. Rajasthan is famous in history for the courageous Rajputs. The battles fought by them and the stories of their heroism have turned into a legend. The colourful past of this state has marked a new chapter in the history of India. Previously Rajasthan was named as Rajputana after the Rajputs. Kalibangan one of the seat of the world’s oldest and famous Indus Valley Civilization lies in Rajasthan. The word “Rajasthan” means “Land of the Kings”. Just like present times, Jodhpur,Udaipur, Jaipur,Bikaner use to enjoy the status of the main Rajput cities. Other than Rajputs it was also ruled by several other races and dynasties. Rajputs became prominent in 6th century B.C. Rajputs valiantly fought back against Mughals and Islamic invasions. The stories of MahaRana Pratap Singh and the battle of Haldighati still portray the past glories of the great Rajputs. Rajasthan has always acquired a coveted position in the Indian scenario be it in history or in geography or culturally. 

To learn more about the Rajasthan we need to visit all the important spots of Rajasthan. Let’s first discuss about Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan. Jaipur is popularly known as the “Pink City”. All the buildings of this city were coloured pink in 1876 in order to welcome Prince Albert. Till date the city has retained the pink colour. Some famous tourist spots of this Pink City are Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Nahargarh Fort, Jal Mahal, Amber Palace, so on and so forth. Jantar Mantar of Jaipur is the most well preserved Jantar Mantar of all the five observatories constructed by Sawai Jai Singh. Hawa Mahal, the palace of winds is the most remarkable construction of Rajasthan that is, a multi-niched five storied palace, constructed for the royal women so that they could watch processions passing through the bazaars. Now it has been converted into a museum. Jal Mahal was constructed in middle of the Man Sagar Lake as a pleasure spot. Amber Palace is a palatial fort that was built when Raja Man Singh was on the throne and has a Hindu-Muslim fusion architectural pattern. Jaipur is packed with historical evidences so it is almost impossible to describe all of them at one time. So you need to visit this place. The Pink City has also many temples.

Next let’s switch over to Jaisalmer which is popularly known as the “Golden City” as it is constructed of yellow limestones. Finely sculptured palaces and buildings mark the architectural splendor of the city. Jaisalmer is renowned for the great Jaisalmer Fort and the Havelis. Jaisalmer Fort is situated on the Trikuta hills and has evidenced many battles. It was built in 1156 long long years back. The yellow limestones of the fort generate a golden appearance. Main attractions inside the fort are- Raj Mahal, Jain temples and Laxminath temples. Jaisalmer is also enriched by the beautiful Jain temples and sculptures. Bikaner district is located in the northern part of the state 330km away from the state capital. Bikaner is well known for the Junagarh fort built by Raja Rai Singh and also for the Camel Festival, an event organized by the tourism Department of Rajasthan. Some spectacular camel performances are visible in this festival like camel races, camel dances.. Mount Abu is located in the lap of Aravalli Hills. It is the sole hill station of Rajasthan located at an elevation of 1,220m. Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, Dilwara temple are some of the notable spots of this hill station. Pushkar is a town in Ajmer district that is a sacred pilgrimage spot for the Hindus. Located on the bank of the Pushkar Lake this is one of the oldest city.

This is a very short almost at a glance overview of Rajasthan. provides you with attractive Rajasthan packages. A well conducted tour within a very brief duration. You will be provided with all the facilities and luxuries. All you have to do is to select the most desirable package and reserve it. Go to our link to check all the packages. Here goes our link Have a grand visit to the Land Of Palaces and enjoy camel rides in the vast stretches of desert sand.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Make a trip to the ravishing Himachal Pradesh and catch a glimpse of the queen of the valleys and the breathtaking beauty of the mountains

Traveling is the best option to refresh our minds and to drain out all our worries and anxieties. Some people have a “wander thirst” within them and they simply travel to explore new found places. Traveling is simply a hobby for them. While traveling one comes across various kinds of people, cultures and places that also enhances your knowledge. As we dwell in a tropical country we mainly prefer mountainous areas. Mountain climate is preferably cool an India Tours comfortable and gives us relief from the unbearable heat of the plains. During summer month’s lots of people thus pack their bags to travel northwards. While selecting mountain region as the tourist spot Himachal Pradesh gets the topmost priority. Himachal Pradesh can be considered as the “Queen of the Himalayas”. Crowned by the ice-capped Himalayas this state is located in the northern part of India. Smitten by its scenic beauty and the peace and serenity of the place people rush to this beautiful place again and again. So many tourist spots are there. Of which some are extremely popular while others are gaining popularity. Travel lovers keep your bags ready and set out to explore the mountainous curves of Himachal Pradesh and try out the rocking adventure sports like rafting in the speedy mountainous streams. Workaholics, you too take a break from the busy work schedules and embrace the beauty of the Great Himalayas. will be your guide and companion in this perspective. Just go through the packages offered by this site. The common two hill stations that draw hundreds of travelers from throughout the world every year are Shimla and Manali. In the lap of the Himalayas this state is renowned for its abundance of natural beauty. Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Tibet surround it. Tourism is one of the major sectors of the economy of the state and contributes a lot for the state development. Due to the presence of number of snow-fed perennial rivers it is a rich hub of hydel power generation. Historically enriched state dates back to the time of Indus Valley Civilization. It has also experienced the Muslim, Gorkha rule periods too. Lastly it passed to the hands of British Government before attaining independence. After India became independent it was finally included as the 18th state in Indian constitution.

Now catch a very brief glimpse of Himachal Pradesh. Shimla the main attraction of Himachal Pradesh is the capital of the state. It is the most popular destination for the honeymoon couples and the international visitors. The colonial buildings of the city reflect the Neo-Gothic architectural pattern. Shimla also has numerous temples. With the tourist attractions, temples, local hangouts and markets this small hill station is pretty famous. Some important tourist attractions of Shimla include Shimla mall, Kali Bari, Christ Church, Summer Hill.Himachal State Museum and Library and many others. Shimla Mall, being the central spot of tourist attraction, with lots of hangout zones, hotels, and restaurant, cafe and cinema complexes remains always crowded. Shimla State Museum is well known for its vast collection of paintings and sculptures. This museum puts light on Himachali culture, arts and crafts. Christ Church constructed in 1857 is the second oldest church located in north India. Shimla Kali BVari is one of the most known Kali temples in India. Goddess Shyamala Devi is the main worshiped idol.

Next comes the turn of another beautiful hill station Manali. Don’t miss the chance of visiting Manali. In the midst of the snowy northern mountains, dense pine forests and the meandering course of the Beas river Manali seems to b e a perfect portrait. Manali has divine aesthetic view that will be permanently stored in your golden moments category. This queen of the valley is situated at an altitude of 6,400 ft, 250 km to the north of Shimla. Besides succumbing to the natural beauty this place is a heaven for the sports lovers. This a place of lots of activities allowing to experience trekking, skiing. Some most prominent tourist spots of Manali are-nrohtang Pass, Solang Valley, Hadimba temple. This temple construction resembles pagoda structure and is four-storeyed with exquisite woodcarvings painted on it. You can also visit Kullu, Spiti and Lahaul from Manali. Rohtang pass is a mountainous pathway that connects Kuulu with Spiti and Lahaul.

If you are unable to bear your tremendous work pressure, if you are tired of bearing the heat of scorching sun a or thinking of wandering through the Himalayan hill stations then don’t miss the chance of visiting irresistible Himachal Pradesh. you need not to bother about anything and need not to bear the headache of planning the trip. Just check our link in details and select one of the available packages and relax. Here goes the link for you Have a look and get ready, steady for your visit to the Himachal Pradesh.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Explore Kashmir, “the Paradise of India” and get yourself absorbed in the serenity and beauty of the valley

Life has turned too busy nowadays. Our hectic work schedule and the pressure of mundane affairs sucks all our energy and happiness out of us. Amidst this heavy mental burden our heart and soul seek for some mental peace and refreshment. To regain our lost spirit a break or holiday becomes mandatory. And there is no better respite than traveling. Traveling helps us to breathe in new fresh air and frees our minds of daily worries and helps to regain our lost spirit.

When comes the point of selecting an ideal holidaying spot much confusion arises. But don’t forget that we live in a country names INDIA, which is popular all over the world since ancient days. India has diversified topography. You can find mountains, seas,deserts all in the same country. Let us suggest you the best travelspot of India. Any guesses?? If we say lets take a trip to the “Paradise of India”-what is the first name that will come to your mind?? Is it “KASHMIR”? Then you are absolutely right. It is Kashmir,rightly described as the “Heaven on the Earth”.

Kashmir,the Paradise of India and is located in the northern part of India and is the part of the state Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmir valley lies between the Great Himalayas and the Pir Panjal range and is the largest valley among all the valleys located in this region. Historical past of the Kashmir reveals that Kashmir was in the hands of Hindu dynasties like Kambojas and the Panchalas. Later it evolved as the seat of Buddhist learning. On much later period it was passed to the hands of Muslim rulers and was a part of the kingdom of Mughal emperor Akbar.

Cut to the present age, Kashmir is still into lots of political controversies and has undergone lots of political turmoils through the decades still it hasn’t lost its attraction. It has remained as the most attractive tourist spot since decades. Srinagar, the state capital, is the most favourite tourist attraction. “Houseboats”,”Shikaras”,”Dal Lake”-these two views immediately flash in our minds whenever we heard the name Srinagar. It is a beautiful city that is located in the bank of the Jhelum river. The city is renowned for its lakes, gardens and orchards and scenic beauty. Dal lake is the major attraction of this place because of the houseboats. Spending nights in the houseboats is a “must do” part of your Kashmir trip. Other than Dal lake there is also Wular Lake and many Mughal gardens that still bears the evidences of Mughal rule. Have a visit of other popular attractions of Kashmir. This includes places like Gulmarg,Pahalgam,Sonmarg and many others. The above mentioned three being the pivotal spots. Gulmarg’s legendary beauty specially during the snowy season is simply mesmerising.

For sportsloving persons Gulmarg is the best option for skiing,snowboarding. Its proximity to Srinagar has increased the popularity of this hill station. Snowcovered Gulmarg will make you feel that as if you are not in India and have arrived in some foreign wonder destination. Next comes the turn of Pahalgam which is known for its heavenly beauty. This small hill station is located at the confluence of Sheshnag Lake and river Lidder. This is the ultimate choice for nature lovers with the great Himalayas in the backdrop. You can have the best picturesque view of Himalayas and may try out adventure sports like trekking,horse-riding, rafting and add up some new flavour to your life that will be stored as an everlasting memory.

You may also explore your photographic skills in the lap of the Himalayas. Sonmarg is yet another popular tourist site that is a small town located 87 km away from Srinagar. Sonmarg means “meadows of gold” with the snow covered mountains in the background. The climate of Sonmarg is wonderful with frequent rainfall. Trekkers pack your bags to make a trip to Baltal,15 km north of Sonmarg and may also reach to the splendid roof-top of the world Leh by crossing the Zojila pass. provides you lucrative Kashmir packages. It is hard to take out time from your daily hectic routine to shape up your travel schedule. The best option is to select and reserve the appropriate travel deals that you are looking for. Our site offers exciting travel deals with great services. Your Kashmir trip will be an unforgettable memory of your life. This link will help you to access directly to the Kashmir packages. Keep yourself updated with the details and make it sure that you don’t miss the chance of exploring the valleys of Kashmir and enthrill yourself with the magical charms of the heaven.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Earlier, it used to be the traditional seven wonders in the world to visit, but with the expansion of the tourism sector, perhaps each country hosts her own seven wonder lists but being there needs proper planning with execution, and is armed with that

When there comes a much needed and welcome break from the stereotyped life that you are leading, you look for the ideal remedy that can relieve you of the boredom. Well, so many options are surely there to try your hands on, but if you really need something that keeps along lasting refreshing effect, one and only solution is to pack your bag and just set free. Traveling means not just visiting and staying in a new place for some times. Each of the places that includes into its touring programs has the appeal of it’s own. If you ravel to South Africa, the language of the jungle will whisper into your ears, while being in New Zealand, the scenic beauty there will be enough to leave you spellbound. While looking for a particular country or place that you will consider for traveling, the travel program that keeps in place will just be more than ideal one for you.

Australia Tour
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Lisbon Tour
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Malayasia Tour
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Mauritius Tour
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New Zealand Tour
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Prague, Vienna, Budapest Tour
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Singapore Tour
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South Africa Tour
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Switzerland Tour
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Thailand Tour
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Turkey Tour
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