Wednesday, April 18, 2012

“Land of Kangaroos” welcomes you with its splendid beauty and iconic architecture

Exploring foreign lands is always an exciting experience. If you are planning to make your vacation all the more memorable then abroad trip is a brilliant option. We travel to open our hearts and free our minds and souls. Traveling expands our boundaries of knowledge and we can intermingle with different cultures, customs, traditions and heritage of the lands beyond India. Crossing the boundaries of your motherland and traveling to the faraway lands will give you a thrilling experience. While wandering through the completely unknown streets of a different country and listening to foreign conversations you will feel that you have been transported to an entire different world. Foreign destinations always intrigue our curiosities. When comes the point of selecting the foreign spots one may get confused as there are so many options in hand. Are you in a fix for choosing your abroad location?? Let us help you. What about making a trip to a different continent? What about dining the finest cuisines in the famous restaurants of the bustling city of Melbourne?? And how will you feel while enjoying the sea breeze and the beauty of the vast expanses of seas sitting in the great beaches of Sydney?? Hopefully by now all of you have understood my point. Still if you have failed to guess the answer then let me give you another clue. What about visiting the land full of kangaroos?? Yes you are right I am talking about “AUSTRALIA”. With the awesome climate, stunning beaches, huge extended coral barrier reef, deserts and unique wildlife features Australia is bound to occupy the topmost position of your priority list. Australia welcomes its visitors with wide range of varieties. Australia strikes the right chord with its highly urbanized cities like Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney. The best thing about Australia is that no matter how meager your budget is this land has something or the other to offer every visitor.

When comes the turn of leading cities of the continent, Sydney and Melbourne deserve special mention. Sydney is the most populous city in Australia along the south-east coast. With the mention of the name Sydney, the picture of the iconic Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge are bound to flash in your eyes. Sydney Opera House is such an architectural structure that has become almost synonymous with Australia. Anybody can identify Australia by the photos of Opera house, kangaroos and the Great Barrier Reef. Sydney is the oldest cosmopolitan harbour city renowned all over the world for its culture, cuisine, and obviously for the beaches. The city is bounded by nature and National Parks. Sydney Harbour is the city’s prime attraction as this steel masterpiece is largest and widest long span bridge in the world. The most amazing fact about the bridge is that everyday almost hundreds and thousands of visitors climb to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you want to catch the glimpse of the spectacular view of the city you too may try out!! You may also go for a safari to the Royal National Park. Sydney thus lives up the reputation as one of the most livable cities in the world.

Melbourne is yet another major city of Australia. A primary tourist location that draws in thousands of tourists from all across the world. While strolling across the busy and bustling streets of the city you can feel the nerve of the city. Few snaps and certain views are not enough to touch the soul of this city. To relish this you must not miss the chance of visiting Melbourne while traveling Australia. The second most populous city of Australia is located on a large natural bay known as Port Philips. Melbourne, better known as “the cultural capital of Australia” can be best described as the cultural and the artistic hub. The city is the host of various cultural events like contemporary art fairs, ballad, opera, theatre, international film festivals and many others. More than 100 art galleries highlight that this city is the den of art lovers and the artists. But it doesn’t imply the fact that this city is only for the intellectuals. With an artistic core this city is a hotspot destination for all travelers. There are also certain other special things that has bring the city in fame. Certain famous spots of Melbourne include Federation Square, Melbourne Cricket Ground, museums and art galleries and other historical places of interests.

Like Melbourne Gold Coast is also said to be the “tourist capital of Australia”. Looking for the vast stretches of sand and sparkling sea waves and sun bathed sea beaches, then Gold Coast is calling you. Gold Coast is a heavenly destination for the professional surfers. It is a coastal city situated in the state of Queensland not much far away from Brisbane. Origin of the name is still doubtful. It is immensely popular coastal tourist spot in Australia. Away from the regular bustles of the city life Gold Coast is the best refuse of the holi-dayers. Immerse yourself to the serene beauty of the nature and refresh yourself by enjoying the beach activities in the “Surfers Paradise”. Theme parks are the main centre of attraction of Gold Coast. You can explore in the depth of the seas by visiting the Sea World or may rejuvenate your childhood trance by visiting the Warner Brothers Movie World or may have splash bluster in the Wet and Wild world. has many lucrative Australia packages in its kitty in an affordable price range. Interested travelers must pay a visit to this site to go through all the packages. Make your first international trip experience a memorable one. is your desired links where you can have all the details information. Let Australia be the first entrant of your International travelogue.

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