Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Make a trip to the ravishing Himachal Pradesh and catch a glimpse of the queen of the valleys and the breathtaking beauty of the mountains

Traveling is the best option to refresh our minds and to drain out all our worries and anxieties. Some people have a “wander thirst” within them and they simply travel to explore new found places. Traveling is simply a hobby for them. While traveling one comes across various kinds of people, cultures and places that also enhances your knowledge. As we dwell in a tropical country we mainly prefer mountainous areas. Mountain climate is preferably cool an India Tours comfortable and gives us relief from the unbearable heat of the plains. During summer month’s lots of people thus pack their bags to travel northwards. While selecting mountain region as the tourist spot Himachal Pradesh gets the topmost priority. Himachal Pradesh can be considered as the “Queen of the Himalayas”. Crowned by the ice-capped Himalayas this state is located in the northern part of India. Smitten by its scenic beauty and the peace and serenity of the place people rush to this beautiful place again and again. So many tourist spots are there. Of which some are extremely popular while others are gaining popularity. Travel lovers keep your bags ready and set out to explore the mountainous curves of Himachal Pradesh and try out the rocking adventure sports like rafting in the speedy mountainous streams. Workaholics, you too take a break from the busy work schedules and embrace the beauty of the Great Himalayas. will be your guide and companion in this perspective. Just go through the packages offered by this site. The common two hill stations that draw hundreds of travelers from throughout the world every year are Shimla and Manali. In the lap of the Himalayas this state is renowned for its abundance of natural beauty. Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Tibet surround it. Tourism is one of the major sectors of the economy of the state and contributes a lot for the state development. Due to the presence of number of snow-fed perennial rivers it is a rich hub of hydel power generation. Historically enriched state dates back to the time of Indus Valley Civilization. It has also experienced the Muslim, Gorkha rule periods too. Lastly it passed to the hands of British Government before attaining independence. After India became independent it was finally included as the 18th state in Indian constitution.

Now catch a very brief glimpse of Himachal Pradesh. Shimla the main attraction of Himachal Pradesh is the capital of the state. It is the most popular destination for the honeymoon couples and the international visitors. The colonial buildings of the city reflect the Neo-Gothic architectural pattern. Shimla also has numerous temples. With the tourist attractions, temples, local hangouts and markets this small hill station is pretty famous. Some important tourist attractions of Shimla include Shimla mall, Kali Bari, Christ Church, Summer Hill.Himachal State Museum and Library and many others. Shimla Mall, being the central spot of tourist attraction, with lots of hangout zones, hotels, and restaurant, cafe and cinema complexes remains always crowded. Shimla State Museum is well known for its vast collection of paintings and sculptures. This museum puts light on Himachali culture, arts and crafts. Christ Church constructed in 1857 is the second oldest church located in north India. Shimla Kali BVari is one of the most known Kali temples in India. Goddess Shyamala Devi is the main worshiped idol.

Next comes the turn of another beautiful hill station Manali. Don’t miss the chance of visiting Manali. In the midst of the snowy northern mountains, dense pine forests and the meandering course of the Beas river Manali seems to b e a perfect portrait. Manali has divine aesthetic view that will be permanently stored in your golden moments category. This queen of the valley is situated at an altitude of 6,400 ft, 250 km to the north of Shimla. Besides succumbing to the natural beauty this place is a heaven for the sports lovers. This a place of lots of activities allowing to experience trekking, skiing. Some most prominent tourist spots of Manali are-nrohtang Pass, Solang Valley, Hadimba temple. This temple construction resembles pagoda structure and is four-storeyed with exquisite woodcarvings painted on it. You can also visit Kullu, Spiti and Lahaul from Manali. Rohtang pass is a mountainous pathway that connects Kuulu with Spiti and Lahaul.

If you are unable to bear your tremendous work pressure, if you are tired of bearing the heat of scorching sun a or thinking of wandering through the Himalayan hill stations then don’t miss the chance of visiting irresistible Himachal Pradesh. you need not to bother about anything and need not to bear the headache of planning the trip. Just check our link in details and select one of the available packages and relax. Here goes the link for you Have a look and get ready, steady for your visit to the Himachal Pradesh.

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