Thursday, April 19, 2012

Make your trip to Thailand most memorable by exploring its historical evidences and also the most happening spots of the country specially the fun filled beaches

Are you eager for a foreign trip? Unable to do so because of your tight budget? is here to lessen your worries and fulfill your wishes. Visiting foreign lands never means that you have to go for a continental trip only like Europe or America. Explore your very own continent. India is the part of Asia, the largest continent in the world. Asia is a widely diversified continent. It is an abode of different cultures and heritage. Begin your exploration to Asia with Thailand, better known as the “Land Of White Elephants”. Thailand previously known as Siam has recently turned into the most familiar travel destination. Among all the Asian tourist spots Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya has gained prominence because of its rich heritage, beauty and architectural patterns. Thailand has strong historical importance. It has gained prominence as a Buddhist seat. Even today also the national religion of Thailand is Buddhism. Thai culture has incorporated influences of many other neighbouring cultures. The Thais call their country "Prathet Thai," which can be translated as "Land of the Free." Thailand is situated in the southeastern part of Asia. Thailand is surrounded by Laos, Vietnam, Burma and Myanmar. Thailand is also referred sometimes as the “land of smiles” because here you can see maximum number of smiling faces compared to the other parts of the world. It may seem to you that everyone is welcoming you with broad warm smiles. Let’s navigate the major tourist spots of Thailand.

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand deserves special mention. It is the largest city of Thailand and the most populous one. Busy streets, bustling markets, shimmering skyscrapers and a grand spread of temples defines Bangkok. Bangkok offers endless delights to its visitors. Many splendid Buddhist temples are dispersed throughout the city. And this is no surprising fact as Buddhism is the chief religion. With glorious past and monarchial rule the city has excelled itself in the modernization processing. The stunning destination has gained lots of fame as a self-governed, lively and influential city. Bangkok will retain you in this city for a long time as it has lots of attractions. A vast splendor of palaces, temples, museums, theatres and shopping malls include the list. The Grand Palace, king’s official residence is the prime attraction. The Grand Palace is the house of the monarchs for the past few hundred years. Though the city has turned trendy and modern still the glimpses of the palatial architecture like Grand Palace, Wat Arun, Vimanmek Palace Complex has retained city’s historical significance. Chitralada Palace, a modernized palatial venture is the actual Bangkok residence of the reigning king. Apart from the palaces other attractions are National Gallery Museum, Jim Thompson Museum, Chaloem Krung Royal Theatre. Bangkok is also known for its exciting nightlife that will make your nights in capital city all the more happening.

Phuket, the largest island of Thailand is located in the southern part of the country. Known for its beautiful gorgeous beaches and natural anesthetic this island is a paradise for the honeymoon couples. Phuket is a mandatory destination for all the Thailand visitors. It is one of the world’s dream destinations. The sandy coastline boasts of tons of water sports and is well decorated with resorts and restaurants. Phuket has something to satisfy the appetite of every visitor. Phuket has a hot and humid climate all the year round. Do you want to make your Thailand trip adventurous?? Then try out the various water sports options available in Phuket. You are going to have the amazing, most wonderful experience while trying out free-diving, snorkeling, diving, sailing and yachting. Diversified destinations of this island comprises of Fishing World, Aquarium, Waterfalls, Chalong Temple.

Chiang Mai is situated in the Northern Thailand. It has gained immense cultural importance. This is an out and out modern day city bearing great historical significances. It is the keystone of your Thailand trip. Chiang Mai has added up many feathers under its cap with its cultural delicacy, fantastic handicraft shopping, peacefulness and proximity to natural abundance. More than 300 Buddhist temples are scattered throughout the province. Some of the most mention worthy temples includes Wat Prathat Doi Suithep, Wat Chiang Man, Wat Chedi Luang, Phuping Palace and National Park. Wat Prathat Doi Suithep is the most famous temple of Thailand that gives a spectacular overview of the entire city. Your brief halt in Chiang Mai is going to fly off smoothly and you will feel to stay back in this important city for few more days.

Pattaya, a splendid tourist attraction of Thailand offers you a wide range of entertainment options. The charming beach city is located in the east coast of Gulf Of Thailand and has been successful in attracting innumerable travellers from all over the world. The beaches forming the core of attraction force, this city has many more allurements for its visitors. Fun filled beach activities make Pattaya the most ideal holidaying spot. Some inexpensive yet highly enjoyable activities in Pattaya are water-skis, elephant rides, horse riding and many others. Certain important places of interests are Mini Siam and Mini Europe, Phra Tamnak, Crocodile farm. Make your holiday more exciting by strolling through the beaches of Pattaya.

Hopefully by now you have taken your final decision and have decided to make a trip to the “Land of White Elephants” in this vacation. Trust me this is going to be your most memorable vacation and you feel like visiting Thailand again and again. Have a nice cozy time with your family and dear ones. To check out the further details about the packages offered to you by our site go through this attached link Be ready to board on the flight to Thailand.

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