Friday, April 27, 2012

Spend some wonderful time in New Zealand, the “Adventure Travel Capital of the World”

While chalking out the plan of our foreign trip names of some common exotic destinations that flash in our minds are that of the three major continents of the world, namely Europe, USA and Australia. What about the other places beyond these three continents?? For example have you ever considered New Zealand as your next holidaying location? Guess not. Discover the beauties of New Zealand, the island country situated near Australia during this coming vacation. New Zealand is a beautiful country with vibrant divergence. Mountains, even volcanoes, blue azure sky, vast seas and oceans and glaciers portray the canvas of the “Land of Kiwis”. The sparsely populated country is particularly suited for nature lovers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. This island country with two major landmasses, north and south along with many small islands are located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The North and South islands are separated from each other by Cook Strait. New Zealand being the island country is surrounded by Pacific Ocean and Tasman Sea. Not only diversified landforms but the country is also a diversified hub of various cultures with both their native and immigrant population. New Zealand is the abode of various types of animal species and natural vegetation. You may explore the various landforms of New Zealand or may travel through the important cities, popular tourist spots or may give a try to various kinds of adventure outdoor sports.

Auckland offers outstanding cuisine, fabulous accommodations and enchanting scenic beauty. It is place of volcanoes with the famous Auckland Volcanic Field, which has produced almost 50 volcanoes. These take the form of cones, lakes, lagoons, islands and depressions, and several have produced extensive lava flows. Apart from this, the lush green fields, towering peaks, mud springs and huge glaciers are always ready to beckon you. Auckland is the main attraction of the North Island of the country. The North Island is usually warmer during the summers and milder rest of the year round. And though Auckland has a warm temperate climate, the weather of New Zealand is quite unpredictable. This is the largest urban area of New Zealand and the most populous area of the country. Some of the most important spots of Auckland include Auckland War Memorial Museum, New Zealand National Maritime, Sky Tower, Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland Zoo and many others.

Another popular travel spot of New Zealand is Rotorua. It is nestled beside the lake having the same name. The township of Rotorua is home to one of the most unique tourism sites in the world. Rotorua is a geothermal paradise and the cultural heartland. Besides the breathtaking scenic beauty of the volcanic wonderland, it is the land of 17 beautiful lakes. Various water activities are widely popular during summer days. Located on a volcanic plateau, which covers much of the Central North Island, Rotorua sits on an area that has been geologically exciting for millennia. Stroll through the streets of Rotorua, voted New Zealand's most beautiful city six times, and instantly feel like you have entered another world. Many botanical gardens are also found here. Rotorua is a place of historical significance and bears the proof to this fact.

Next comes the turn of Queenstown. It is a resort town in Otago in the South Island. It is the ultimate destination of maximum number of international tourists. It is a great place to visit round the year. Most ideal and desirable spot of all the adventure sports lovers. QueenstowWhile chalking out the plan of our foreign trip names of some common exotic destinations that flash in our minds are that ofn provides a panoramic view of the Milford Sound, which is a fjord within Fiordland National Park.

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